PhD project: Create your city

Peter Munthe-Kaas

The PhD project “Create Your City - An interventionist study of temporary spaces for user driven innovation in the Technical and Environmental Administration of Copenhagen” was a study of new possibilities for user inclusion in urban planning. The study was centered on engagement with the development of an innovation strategy in the Technical and Environmental Administration in the Municipality of Copenhagen from 2011-2014. This engagement took place in three interconnected phases focused on understanding and intervening in planning practices: an ethnographic study of planning practices in the TEA, development of the full scale experiment “Create your City” and active participation in anchoring the new user inclusion practices in the organization. 

The main concerns of the project were the creation of new conditions for inclusion of users in urban planning, and how research driven intervention in a municipal administration can enable the development of new practices. The central focus points was navigating in the organization to enable the development of new practices, staging of new user oriented practices through experimentation in urban space and the anchoring of these practices by making them legitimate within the organizational framework. 

Dealing with the organizational challenges of innovation in urban planning, the project emphasized the disconnection contemporary planning authorities and employees have from the complexity of urban space. The project contributed with novel insights into the role of users in urban planning and suggests that engagement with the complexities of urban space can change the way that the futures of cities are imagined. Furthermore it introduces new perspectives on how researchers can intervene in public organizations and contribute to the development of new planning practices.


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- Infrastructuring

- Co-creation of urban space

Relevante/forbundne diskussioner

- Anchorage and embedding

- Staging and intervention

- Navigation and mobilization

- Challenges for public innovation